Friday, April 25, 2008


We now know who! We just have to catch up with him.

Over the last few days, I have visited several other blogs. I have really enjoyed some of the posts. There have been a few that really inspired me. Fellow bloggers keep up the good work.

Earlier today I was able to spend some time with my dad. Several times this week I got to talk with my mother (one of my biggest blog fans) over the phone. I know, but was reminded what a treasure our Elders can be. If we take time to listen to the stories and tales they share with us. My Grandmother will be 95 years old this year. She has told me personal stories about the Great Depression, share cropping, the first time she saw an automobile and many more great tales of our history. I recently lost two of the great people in my life which made me more aware that I will not be able to get anymore of their stories first hand. I also talked with a neighbor/friend who's mother and uncle were held in Concentration Camps during World War II. What I learned was that Jews were not the only ones held in these awful place. Her family was from Holland and held in Indonesia. I was surprised by this because I know her mother and had no idea. One of Peggy's relatives recorded several hours of conversations with them about these times. She is going to get me a copy of them. Some of the basics, I plan to share right here. I also plan on writing them into a book. I can't wait.

On a much sadder note, my Internet was running slow today, so watched the news the old fashion way. I was shocked when, I saw a story about another bank robbery in the other city, previous post. The suspect's picture flashed on the screen and my heart fell. The alleged robbery was a former cop. He was on my shift back in the early 90's. He has not been PO for over ten years but it hurt and then made me very angry that this happened. I guess I should refer to my own advise, Bad Apples.

By the way, Stacey, you are the bomb. She posted a great picture on her blog today. I still haven't figured out how to put a link in this text. I know, Newbie problem. Check my Favs for her blog. You will not regret the few seconds it takes. A Focus in the Wild.


Kojak said...

Hey Bro,, I feel ya. I miss the old folks in my family. I have nobody left on either side. I lost my dad in 94 and my mom in 2002. The sad part is that kids today don't have a clue what they have in their parents. Have a Safe and great weekend.

Chrysalis Angel said...

When you want to link "in" your post. Look up to the left a little of the box you're typing in, there will be a little ball type thing with a link to it. First copy the URL site you wish to link to...then when you're typing in that box for your post - click on that link thing (ball and link) you'll see a little box pop up and see http:// right click with your mouse after that http:// and click paste, then click ok. You've linked...but now look at the line of the link and you will see >< in between that you type your site.. Example >For the People< Then when you preview it or publish it. The "For the People" will be lit up differently and people click that and it will take them to the site you want to send them to. You can practice it right in your new post box and preview...this way it won't publish, but you'll get the hang of it. There is a longer way, and if you need to know it...I'd be glad to help you out with it. I had to teach myself. Good luck.

Stacey Huston said...

For the People, Thank you so much for your kind words and the little extra on todays post. :-) I hear you about the elders, my greatgrandmother (she died when I was very young) came to America from Germany on a ship when she was 16, she traveled across the country to Idaho.. no one in the family know what happened on that trip because they "just didn't talk about things like that" back then. Most of the most fantastic people I have ever met were elders. We all have a story and most of their stories are SO worth the time it takes to listen. Too many people forget what a wealth of knowledge these people are.. Thanks for your post today, and everyday. Have a great weekend.

The Texican said...

Looks like you are doing pretty good job on the blog to me. I like your content and take on things. Someday when I'm in the motherland, I'll have to speed through Terry and see if I can find you. If you have any problems with the instuctions the ladies left you on how to link a site, then I'll break it down to lawenforcementese for you. Have a great weekend. :)

Eve said...

You know, the older we get, the smarter we get! I have very strong feelings about those who mistreat the elderly. There is a special place somewhere for people who do.
One of my favorite philosophies is “treat others as you would have them treat you”. What a different world this would be if we all lived that way!
Nice Blog "for the people" and thank you for your service!

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