Monday, April 14, 2008

Heros (Make a difference)

I was listening to National Public Radio and heard a story that I want to share. A young boy named Ryan Hreljac was stunned when he heard that there were children in the world that had to go to great lengths just to get clean water. Here is a quote from an interview he did with My Hero Project, "When I learned that there were people dying in the world because they didn't have clean water, I couldn't believe it! I take nine steps and there, I have it. Clean water right in my tap. Some people in Africa have to walk for five miles to get clean water. My new brother Jimmy Akana used to live in Uganda. He told me that he would get up at 12 midnight and walk for five miles to get water for his aunt. Then he walked five miles back. He did this three times before he went to school!"

Unlike Ryan, I was not shocked by the idea that there were kids in the world that did with little water or food. I see it on my big screen TV every weekend. However, I was ashamed when I went to his web-site and found out how little it costs to dig a well in the areas he talked about. Yesterday, I spent nearly $300 on a grill at a local store. That would have been a good start on digging a well (about 1/5 of the total cost). Ryan started out as a six year old trying to raise $70 and has now been directly responsible for supplying 491, 625 people with clean drinking water. I believe he is now 13. He directly affected nearly half of a million people!

If a six year old can do it, so can we. I for one, have already started to make a difference. My wife, daughter and about 100 others raised $26,000 for a local project. They worked very hard on this but I raised a measly $140. Today, I started a project to raise at least enough money for Ryan to put in two more wells. I'm not saying this to brag, just to say, "Help me with this." As I said before, I will make a difference. Will you? Not everybody has to do what Ryan did, but find you a project or just help me. But whatever you do, DO IT NOW!

Ryan is such a Hero. You can be too. Continue to make comments below.

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Jables said...

I agree the world is built on the backs of HEROS that most people do not know are there.

So let us make them know to the people of the world.

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