Wednesday, April 9, 2008

The Story of Two Peoples

On April 4, 2008, I huddled under a bridge with forty other people as an EF2 tornado passed within 100 yards of us. Just before it hit, I was able to send a one word text message to my wife, "Pray". Needless to say, I was scared! This storm was classified as the worst storm to hit the area since 1979. The storm was on the border of two cities. One is rich. One is poor.

I said that to say this. I was scared for a few short moments then it was over. Many still are. Within three days, the rich have been restored. I then went into the poor city. It looks like a bomb went off. The saddest thing was the elderly sitting on their porches without the basic enmities. Several couldn't even leave their homes because the trees and power lines lay across their yards and streets. It has now been five days and 7000 people have yet to receive the help they need and deserve. Yet because they have none, they get none. Thus remember, we all are equal! We all have one vote. I will make my vote count, my voice heard and their pain will be seen. Help me make a difference! Speak softly and carrying a big vote.


michele said...

WOW! I am so proud of you!

clearsight said...

The divide you speak of has not changed in my lifetime (56 years). For all the effort expended this separation still exists.

Thank you for the clear insight and thank you for your courage and strength which brought you and forty other folk through a terrifying experience.

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