Monday, May 12, 2008


Well today about 1300 hours, I was patrolling my beat when Dispatch put out a felony theft that had just occurred. The suspects fled in a purple, yes purple Honda. They had stolen nearly $2,000 worth of purses. Settle down guys, they were cute purses worth about $300 each. Well that was what they were for sale for, still not sure they are worth that but N assures me that they are. Anyway, several other officers call en route to the area. I think that since everybody is flooding the area, I will hang back and see what pops out. They all get there and nobody can find the car even though they were close when the call comes out. Now this is about the third time this kind of thing has happened. It just does not make sense, to be that close and nobody spot a PURPLE car.

A short time later, Dispatch says that the vehicle has been spotted on the opposite side of town. I am now the only officer close so I mosey on over and noticed the vehicle leaving the parking lot of a local hotel. I pull up behind them and turn on the ole blue lights and siren. Well, guess what, they don't stop. They are not really fleeing at first they just act like I am not there. They then get on the Interstate and pick up a little speed as I follow along behind them siren screaming. We cross into the poor city and I know that I am on my own. There are three suspects in the vehicle and I am not too excited about the odds but now I am committed so on we go. Just as we get into the worst part of the city, I notice another police car ahead. I recognize it as one of my friend's' patrol car from another neighboring city. He has a police dog so I asked Dispatch to contact him to assist. Just as we get up next to him, the suspects get off onto surface streets. Luckily my buddy and two unmarked car that were with him fall in behind us. As ironic as it was, these guys were headed out of state to a training conference or I would have been in this alone. My units were too far behind to be of much help. Anyway, we go a couple of blocks and I look up ahead and see a huge fire truck (Ladder Truck) across the road. Just so happened that a local fire hero had died and they were part of the processional. This cause the suspects to turn off onto the only street they had left. Well, it was a dead-end street. I know that there is no way out but they don't. Bad luck for them. When we get to the end, they jump out. Oh did I mention they did not bother to stop prior to exiting the vehicle. What follows would have been funny if I had not been a part of it. Just as we get to the end of the street all four police cars are surrounding the suspect vehicle. Well they jump out and leave a 4000 pound missile headed down the street. One on the other officers don't know that the missile is headed for him and gets smacked. Tares a whole down the side of his new police car. Another officer is so busy missing the suspects he swerves and hits the vehicle which in turn rams it even harder into the other officer. I stop, jump out and chase the driver on foot. Well, I am getting a little too old for all this nonsense so chasing a 19 year old is not what I had planned. I decide that another tactic is in order so I yell after him. I tell him that I have no idea why he is running because I already know who he is, small lie but I was desperate. He slows slightly to think about this and I kick in the last ounce of energy I have after running and make a perfect forearm tackle. Nobody saw it of course but oh well. The other officers catch another of the guys and then we spent the rest of the day on paperwork.

Chalk one up to the good guys. Oh and the driver is in his own vehicle and actually had insurance so we are not out for the cost of the crash. What a great day.

Fellow officer stay safe. Bloggers, what was your good deed today?


David said...

Wow, this sounds like a very exciting day! Although I wouldn't like to be doing that on my own. Too bad nobody saw your great manouvre, maybe next time. :)

Thanks for dropping round, hope to see you again soon.


David Webb - Nature Pictures

Eaglewing said...

Fascinating account. Glad it worked out, and the good guys win and are safe.

Don't know if I did any good deeds today, but I don't think I did any bad ones either, so it's a wash :)

PC Common Sense said...

My good deed today is to prepare myself for a night shift where I will be protecting the public and ensuring the Senior Officers and Politicians have a career when they awake tomorrow morning.

Andrea said...

Sounds like you had an interesting day at work.

My son in law used to own a purple jeep. He got stopped for something and the first thing the officer asked him when he walked up to the door was, "Sir, may I ask why are you driving a purple jeep?" They laughed about it and then he just gave him a verbal warning. I am thinking maybe a tail light was out or something. It wasn't major so I think he just wanted to know why this 6' 6" big guy was driving a purple jeep.

Anonymous said...

Maybe helping my daughters on some research for school works ... but not sure ...

Great post, but a purple Honda? Bad taste that is!

Paula Yaussi said...

Thank you for your fun comment on my blog! I could create the new "natural earth facial!" Maybe I could make millions!

May the good Lord keep you safe always!

Paula in Kansas

Paula Yaussi said...

Thank you for your fun comment on my blog! I could create the new "natural earth facial!" Maybe I could make millions!

May the good Lord keep you safe always!

Paula in Kansas

friendly brit said...

Congratulations. That sounds very exiting !

Daryl said...

What an adventure! Stolen cute and expensive purses .. definitely a prosecutable occurance!

Thanks for stopping by .. cats are indeed cute... especially when they are your own!


Sandpiper said...

What a day! Sounds like it got the adrenalin pumping! I don't think I did a good deed yesterday. I stayed home alone. At least I didn't do a bad deed. :-D

SkyNymph said...

Namaste' I have never worn a purse myself, hahaha I have always thought they looked so uncool. I'm such a tomboy. I have some small zipper camo, fanny pack I take out when biking, hiking, going into the city.

I never understood the huge deal about them and why some are worth more than others I mean they all hold stuff right? So I am paying 2 grand wasting my money because I get someones name /label attached to it. Uhm okay I would rather have 2 grand go to world wildlife fund.

This is awesome that a cop can blog, I thought maybe there was some sort of oath you all take that you can't speak about such things.

I wouldn't knock purple though, at least the right kind of purple. *grin* I had a collectors mustang cobra,(damn I wish I still had that car) I restored it with a friend and did the body work on it, had a custom t-roof installed, in the end it had a custom paintjob it was called ultraviolet metallic, but this purple had all sorts of wonderful hues of various color specks. People saw that car a block away coming it was one sexy hot piece of metal.

But it was bad on gas. It had a row bar in the back cause it was used previously as a race car even had it's own fire extinguisher. I am a nature nut to the core, and though that engine rocked FAST, ahhh I can still feel that rush. I got out of a few tickets by some very nice officers ;0) lets say. I run my current vehicles off bio diesel.



For The People said...

Hey Sky,

Thanks for your comments. Angel is a song that discribes my wife! She is the best. Thanks for stopping by.


You guys are great! Thanks for the comments.

Michele (Rocky Mtn.Girl) said...

Yes, that's quite the story. My days are not quite as full as that.
I think the most I have ever done is perhaps rescued the local cat out of the tree or helped the lady with groceries up the stairs but your work sounds totally incredible... my hat is off to you!
Just curious though and perhaps it is different with the RCMP in Canada, is it alright to post your days events as you did here? I know no names were listed but ...
just curious.
Keep up the great work!

michele said...

Hmmm, Sky loves purple, is an artist, is a wildlife nut, loves Sarah McL & doesn't like expensive purses... sounds like we'd get along! Continue attracting interesting people to your blog, honey, so I can live vicariously! LOL

Have you mentioned Grama Janet's a "Didrickson?" Noticed you have people from Norway on your blog!!!

Sandy said...

Wow! Glad everyone was all right. Book 'em Danno! (Sorry, I just couldn't help myself.)

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