Saturday, May 31, 2008

More Old Building

As you can see, I canged directions slightly. The last picture was taken from a train at high speed!


Catherine said...

This buildings look like factories. We get the same in France in the North.
What do I read, down? "If you have read this much of my page, go back and make a comment" Hey! you forget the magic word! : Pleeeaaase
For this time, I don't say anything, I've done my job commenting. Now, do your part and post, please! THANKS (See how we are polite in France): )

300 said...

lol shes funny

Anonymous said...

The 2nd picture taken from a train at high speed is pretty amazing.
If I was the one taking the shot, gosh! I'll probably delete it right away from the blurness *lol*
That's a very clear and steady shot you've got!

p/s: The mirror "ring" is actually the traffic mirrors used to check on blind spots during bends :)

michele said...

Ha! I'm with "Catherine!" What's the magic word? Hee hee!

Lv you!

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