Tuesday, May 6, 2008

My Unsung Hero

Sorry I have not written this weekend, but N and I were away on a trip to FL, where several of her classmates and her preformed at Universal Studios. I am just a little proud. Will try to upload pictures later. We missed Michele so much while we were gone. I thought I would share this with you. I wanted to remind others out there of the importance of their spouses.

My Unsung Hero is a person who bares a burden not even her own. She carries the stress of a cop through the choices of her husband. She bares a load that no human should be expected to handle, because of the actions of the one she loves. She dedicates her life to supporting a man who wears a badge. She gives of her time to those in need, even those she does not know, for her soul mate. She is the wife of a police officer.

My Unsung Hero is my counselor, advisor, soul mate, supporter, financial counselor and keeper of my heart. She has so many roles and tasks; I know not how she fills them. She is a single parent at times when the job carries me away. She too is on call always. She knows that she may lose me at anytime time to a job that is not her own, yet she works as much for others as I. She prepares me to meet the challenges of the day, no matter what they are. She supports my decisions that are not always right.

My Unsung Hero is always here for me, she is only a phone call away. She sleeps cuddled to a pillow she wishes were me. She waits by the phone for a call she dreads; her husband shot, bleeding or dead. She bares this burden without dropping her head.

My Unsung Hero is a mother to many. She takes in children she’s never even met. She has her own and many more besides. Her daughter, her niece or a child off of the street. She takes them all as her own and smiles, just to be a part of a job she can’t even call her own. She solves their problems, wipes away their tears and quietens their souls through a touch so gentle and a voice so sweet. She bares their guilt from things they have suffered and with a smile she cheers all others.

My Unsung Hero is a person you may not know but can always love. She is the barer of my job, my supporter. She is my heart, my mind and my soul. She is the wife of a cop she so dearly loves. She is my wife.

Thank you, My Hero through the good times and bad, through the joy and tears, you are an example to all and a Hero to me.

Your lifelong friend,


I have been so blessed to have Michele in my life. She is so strong and courageous. I have been lucky enough to be married to her for more than seventeen years. I wrote the above poems of sorts for her on our tenth anniversary. She has only gotten better since then.

The divorce rate in veteran cops with more than ten years on the job is seventy-nine percent, that is more than three times the national average. I am so blessed to have found the right one the first time. She is the greatest person I know. May God continue to keep his hand on all of us and protect our families. With love I wish you all the best.


Stacey Huston said...

Beautiful tribute to your beautiful bride. Must be something in the air (grin) my husband did the same!
Don't know how I missed so many of your posts. Will take me a bit to catch up..

Angie said...

That's beautiful. I am getting married in August (to a firefighter) and I hope he feels that way about me 10 years from now!

Michele said...

Ditto...'nuf said?

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