Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Cypress Swamp

As a man walks along the Natchez Trace, he comes across this sign. It promises peace and tranquility, if only he will venture off of the main path. He is tired from his travels and thinks that just maybe he can escape the heat of the mid-summer day. The shadows of the trees look so soothing that he makes his decision almost immediately.

So off he goes into the narrow pathway that dims away into the woods. As soon as he ventures into the woods, he feels the strains of travel melt

He see these lush green plants growing from a log near the bank of the swamp. He is surprised by the sudden change in the terrain.

He is not worried as he see such beautiful natural contrasts such as these. He is dazed by the designs he see within the nature.

As he is about to enter the water, he is stunned by this blossom of orange in the middle of the browns and greens of the Forrest.

He sits by the waters edge to bask in the uniqueness of these reflection. He notes sharp contrast of the tree that appears to be growing the wrong direction among the lillie pads.

He dreams of the fish that he could catch, hiding from the strong sun under the edges of the pads. He can taste the bass and smell the odor of it frying in his pan.

Then he notices the black surface of the water, yet he can clearly see the bottom a few inches below. He is confounded by the idea that this is not possible.

He looks up and see the explosion of grow as it reflects off of the water near the far bank.

Later as he skirts the edge of a more ominous body of water, he see these wonderful sites on the trunk of a fallen tree.

He is stupefied by the bluish color and vast contrast of these plants.

He see these green leaves turn brown as the sun begins to fade behind the trees.

The he comes to the edge of the swamp. While it looks so slimy on the surface, he is fascinated by what lurks under the millions of tiny green buds that coat the surface.

He thinks that maybe he could brush away some of the leaves to see what is beneath them, but decides against this idea as an alligator slides off of a log and is enveloped below the sea of green.

As he looks closely he see another gator perched sleepily on the log.

It too is disturbed by the presence of a foreigner in its home and slides from sight.

He takes one last took as the sun pierces briefly through the trees for the last time. He then silently walks from this paradise and continues on his journey.......


L said...

awsome pics Mike! Cypress swamp is such a peaceful place (other than the mosquitos)

fishing guy said...

FTP: Cool post, I enjoyed your little walk through the Cypress Swamp. Nice tie into the pictures.

michele said...

WOW! These were AMAZING!!! They're even better now that I've figured out how to enlarge the pics! Scary alligator!

The Texican said...

Way to go Ivy. I may have to visit this place on my next trip over to the homeland. Keep up the good work.

Tater said...

The pictures are beautiful! Also love the story that takes you through it. Almost like I was there!

Christy said...

Beautiful pics and wonderful story to go with it.

Texas Travelers said...

One of the best stories I have seen in a while. Great photos and descriptions. I feel like I was there.

Nice job.

Come visit,

kjpweb said...

That is a great way to spend time! And fun to see gators in the wild, too! Great work!
Cheers, Klaus

The Birdlady said...

Loved the cypress swamp pics..

Sandpiper said...

You've captured the feeling I get when I walk through a Cypress Swamp, and you transported me right to the place! These places are treasures and have an atmosphere like no other. Beautiful pictures and writing. Thank you!

Louis la Vache said...

Fantastic post!

alicesg said...

Lovely walk in the swamp. Very beautiful photos.

Stacey Huston said...

You are just getting better and better! These are some wonderful pictures.. you should be proud of this post. thanks for sharing

Kartek said...

Beautiful pics. I've always been fascinated by those southern bottomland cypress swamps but I've never had the chance to check them out.

Marja said...

What a great journey you took us on. Absolutely amazing and beautiful Thanks

missmays said...

absolutely gorgeous these pics! and thanks for the story that comes with em'

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