Friday, June 20, 2008

Blue Herrin

I was inside a couple of days ago doing some work on my parents house. During one of my breaks, I looked out across our pond and saw this herring at the water's edge. I was on the other side of the pond and I couldn't make out what it was. As luck would have it, my camera was next door at my house. So I call N to meet me at the gate with it. We then snuck along the lower side of the levee to get as close as possible. I then pooped up and took the first shot. Later, much later, the herring decided it was time to move on and I was able to catch the second shot. Unfortunately he was headed in the wrong direction (neighbor's pond). So I got a shot from behind.

Interestingly enough, this made me recall a long forgotten problem these traveling bird cause. A few years back, one of our frequent fliers brought in some algae on their feet. It took hold on our pond and cost us several hundred dollars to get rid of. Now most people would be frustrated by this. However, I got a chance to learn a great deal from it. This is also how stock ponds end up with fish in them. I also learned a great deal about how this small ecosystem works. It was a great experience to learn about nature. I got to talk with several Nature Specialist at the Mississippi Game and Fishery Department. Well worth the knowledge I obtained. Hope you like the photos.

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esnorway said...

fine pics

Christy said...

Great Heron sighting. I see them flying overhead on a regular basis and wouldn't you know I am always driving down the road at the time.

babooshka said...

The bird I have still yet to catch.

Sandy said...

I think that's a blue heron... nice pictures!

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