Sunday, June 8, 2008

No Photoshop here!

Odd Shots!

I took this picture of a goose feather as it floated by me in the lake. It looks like I Photoshopped it in but it is as is.
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Eve said...

Looks wonderful just the way it is!!
Have a great Monday FTP!

300 said...

hey these are some great are so talented i've missed ya where ya been?

fishing guy said...

FTP: Very nicely captured, I see this often while fishing.

For The People said...

Thanks Fishing Guy. Friends he is one of my most loyal readers. You should stop by his site!

300 is one of my best friends! She carried me trough one of the hardest times of my life. I will always be grateful. She doesn't have a blog yet but I am working on her. Missed you to sweetie

the teach said...

Great shot! Perfect shot, Michael! thanks for commenting about Obama! My Odd shot is here

Sandpiper said...

A very artistic shot!

Stacey Huston said...

For the People, great photo.. and I don't even HAVE photoshop yet..
Yes my husband has a site.. he doesn't write regularly, but he is a great writter.. started it not too long ago..

Me & my puppies said...

Wonderful photo!

Katney said...

It looks like it is suspended in mid air--you aren't really aware of the water. It's a bit like my maple seed a few weeks ago--stuck on the windshield.

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