Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Patterns of the wild!

While I don't consider these photos to be of the best quality, they represent unique patterns that appear all around us in nature. I encourage you to look for patterns throughout the day today. And just enjoy the beauty around you. Nature provides us with so many unusual ways to see great beauty if only we will pause long enough to see it.
For my regulars, I am quite busy for most of the day but I promise to drop by your place late tonight. Have a great day!
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Beckynsc said...

That horse is beautiful. The grass is so green. I wish it would rain here, so our grass would grow.

sandy's notes said...

Hi Mississippi! Thanks for coming back to my blog. I have three actually, the one I post my nature stuff on is linked to my name this time.

I absolutely love you photos and your energy.

fishing guy said...

Michael: These are great photos. I finally got a Killdeer playing beside the road yeasterday.

Marja said...

Very nice I love horses. We have a lot here closeby They get trained for the horse races

Merisi said...

Michael, I agree with you, these are beautifully patternd images! :-)
I often happen to have a favorite image, and when I show it to certain people all they see is that something's not in focus. *giggle*
(They are forgiven, not everyone is interested in playing with patterns, colors, whatnot, most poeple want a good record of a moment in their life, and that is absolutely fine with me.)

The Woman said...

I never tire of seeing horsey pics

Tommy V said...

Very Cool Horse Picture. What part of MS you from? By dad grew up in Laurel, MS. I sent a lot of time do there when I was was younger.

Indrani said...

What a beauty!
I noticed the patterns only after you mentioned. One must be more observant of nature as you say.

Lydia said...

I'll be looking for patterns.
The beautiful horse has such an expression of surprise!

Andrea said...

Beautiful horse. You pasture is so green, is this a recent picture? Our field and yard is so brown from our drought here in Georgia.

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